New to Metal Cladding – What’s the best profile to start with?

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Metal cladding tips

If you’re new to metal cladding installation – the ACS team have some quick tips and tricks to share…

And you don’t need to be a seasoned installer, but you do need to plan well and work closely with all project stakeholders: architects, builders, cladding manufacturers, and your clients.

We have found the best metal cladding profile to start with is Nailstrip and then you can progress to Interlocking.

The Nailstrip metal cladding system is great for beginners due to the following key reasons:

  • Simple installation method – there are no specialist tools or clips required. You can get by with a pair of snips, mallet, spirit level, and drill.
  • Removes the added complexity of exact measurement and spacing as a small amount of colorbond flashings are required.
  • Using the 165mm and 265mm pan width options helps reduce the chance of any oil canning.
  • This system allows for material use from the Pre-painted steel range.
  • Low level of maintenance after installation – providing peace of mind for both the installer and client.
Nailstrip panel
Nailstrip Metal Cladding
Nailstrip metal cladding
Nailstrip Metal Cladding

In addition to the above, Nailstrip is cost-effective and continues to be one of the most popular options amongst our installers, builders, or those wanting a no-fuss alternative with an architectural finish to be envied.

Nailstrip cladding system
Nailstrip Metal Cladding

Once you’ve mastered Nailstrip, you can progress to Interlocking.

Interlocking is a refined metal cladding system, with a smooth and modern profile design. Suitable for wall cladding only, Interlocking provides the freedom to be creative with your installation, taking advantage of the flexible pan widths available and substrate requirements.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet sophisticated finish you can’t go past Interlocking. And the following key benefits are sure to convince you to install this simply beautiful metal cladding system:

  • Good preparation makes working with this profile a breeze.
  • Similar tools that are used on Nailstrip are also required to install Interlocking metal cladding.
  • This profile can be fixed directly to the substrate meaning no clips are needed.
  • Remember to allow for the Seam / Express joint in your calculations.
  • Flashing detailing is paramount with Interlocking as they are integral to the overall look of the product.
  • This system allows for an extensive material selection – including everything from Pre-painted steel, Aluminium, Titanium zincs, and Copper finishes.
  • Low level of maintenance after installation – providing peace of mind for both the installer and client.
Interlocking cladding system
Interlocking Metal Cladding
Interlocking cladding
Interlocking Metal Cladding

Interlocking is lightweight and can be installed either internally or externally. The panel can be laid directly onto a multitude of sub-structure variations, from top hats, plywood even metal trapezoidal sheeting – allowing for a versatile installation.

non-combustible interlocking cladding
Interlocking Metal Cladding

This system has the flexibility to be used on residential and commercial projects due to its sleek appearance.  With the ability to be manufactured in various face and joint width combinations, Interlocking provides a striking and modern element to any project.

ct specifications, reducing waste, allowing for flexibility, and most importantly providing installers, builders, and architects the freedom to select the material, finish they desire, along with the size and style they prefer.

Our project team is here to support our clients. If you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.