Selection Steel

Selection Steel Material Finishes

The Selection Steel product range comprises:

  • Unicote® Select
  • Unicote® Coastal
  • Unicote® Extreme
  • Unicote® LUX

UniCote® Select

UniCote® Select effortlessly combines durability with aesthetic allure, showcasing an extensive array of colors and profiles. It harmoniously unites form and function, delivering impeccable quality, low maintenance, and lasting resilience.

UniCote® Coastal

UniCote® Coastal takes the Unicote® standard aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate to the next level with the addition of magnesium. This enables the zinc to ‘flow’, which seals the cut edges preventing exposure to premature corrosion. This makes it ideal for harsher environments and those nearer the coast.

Unicote® Extreme

UniCote® Extreme is made from marine-grade aluminium alloy – a premium roofing and cladding solution with the highest durability, formability, and colour retention. UniCote® Extreme is made from the same marine grade allow used to build boats, its superior corrosion resistance is designed for all applications, including very severe marine and heavy industrial environments.

UniCote® LUX

UniCote® LUX is a premium pre-painted steel product designed to suit Australian high-end architecture. Combining the world’s best coil coating technology with rigorous testing to Australian Standards, it ensures not only superior performance in the harsh Australian environment but also a stunning patterned and textured finish.


UniCote® LUX

UniCote® LUX
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UniCote® Extreme
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UniCote® Coastal
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Information Source

All information regarding these products has been sourced from the Unicote® Steel website.


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