Cladding Clips

CLIPS for Walling, Cladding and Roofing applications

Architectural Cladding Suppliers is proud to be associated with REES CLIPS for Walling, Cladding and Roofing applications. The REES range comprises:

  • REES Fixing Clips
  • Sliding Clips
  • Long Sliding Clips
  • Fixing- and Sliding Clips
  • Clips for Snap-Lock-Profiles
  • Stainless Steel Clips
  • Standard Clips also available from zinc-coated steel, zinc and copper.

REES CLIPS Brochures

REES Clips Product Range Brochure

REES Clips
Assembly Brochure

REES Fixed
Clips Brochure

REES Clips Shingle Product Brochure

Information Source

All information regarding REES Clips and associated products has been sourced from the REES CLIPS website.



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