Our Story

Strong, Modern, Non-Combustible Metal Cladding

Welcome to the beating heart of cutting-edge metal cladding design and fabrication! At Architectural Cladding Suppliers (ACS), our team redefines the boundaries of architectural excellence, offering a captivating fusion of form and function. Along with our sister company PPC Flashings, we have been supporting Installers, Architects, Builders, and Developers with our metal cladding, walling, and roofing solutions. Architectural Cladding Suppliers fabricate and supply high-quality, non-combustible metal cladding and roofing products, along with value-added services and technical support to keep your projects running smoothly and on time.

Our combined knowledge from experienced technicians, tradesmen, roofing, walling, cladding and plumbing specialists, and architectural estimators, allows ACS to offer unparalleled cladding project support from concept to completion.

High quality manufacturing


From urban landmarks to avant-garde marvels, each project is a testament to our unwavering dedication to shaping spaces that leave a lasting imprint.

Architectural Cladding Suppliers is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in manufacturing, using state-of-the-art machinery and employing highly skilled technicians who have been working in the industry for decades. We are passionate about making architectural metal walling, cladding, and roofing products that will not only look great, but also be safe for the people living and working in the buildings, and great for the environment.

Our fit-for-purpose metal cladding and roofing products provide you with the finish, quality, and reliability to keep your projects running on time and within budget. We have the supply connections and solutions to service your building project needs from start to finish.

Project Management

Explore the extraordinary, be inspired, and become a part of the Architectural Cladding Suppliers’ vision. Your journey into architectural brilliance begins here.

The ACS project management team provides technical support to installers, builders, architects, and designers, to help resolve any possible budget, installation, and/or construction challenges. This provides a level of assurance and ease once installation and construction are underway to have our recommended solutions when potential issues may occur.

We take great pride in manufacturing and delivering non-combustible, high-quality, and fully certified metal cladding products. Our team works hard to build strong working relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers, people, and the wider community.

Our Brochure

Regardless of the project, the ACS team have got you covered. Our core capabilities are driven by our experience, manufacturing excellence, reputation, and resources. These comprise:

  • Technical Support and Project Management
  • Premium quality manufacture and delivery of non-combustible architectural metal cladding and roofing products
  • Core focus on Quality and Certification
  • Highly Skilled and Reputable Cladding Fabricators and Technicians
  • End to End Supply Connections to service your building project needs from start to finish


Speak with the ACS project team to learn more about our architectural cladding profiles, finishes, performance, installation process, technical information, price and any general metal cladding questions you may have.