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Aurubis Copper is a beautiful, durable and timeless material. It has a long lifecycle when correctly supplied and installed. Being a natural material, copper compliments the use of steel, wood, natural stone and glass. Using Copper increases the value of any project and gives it a prestigious quality.

Copper is a material that does not develop its special artistic quality until it undergoes the ageing process with its typical patina. Copper roofs and facades can last for hundreds of years. Copper does need to be maintained and does not deteriorate with the wear and tear of time. In interior design, Copper and its alloys, brass and bronze, are experiencing a true renaissance. Copper is being used more and more by leading architects in prestigious buildings in particular.

Aurubis offers a range of standard perforation patterns onto its copper sheet with many surface choices, as well as special, bespoke patterns. Variable perforation sizes can be used to create subtle patterns, company branding and even text.

Aurubis Finishes:


nordic standard mittel 140x150 - Aurubis
nordic green 2er bild 150x150 - Aurubis
nordic green 2er bild 2 150x150 - Aurubis
nordic brown 3er bild 150x150 - Aurubis
nordic royal 140x150 - Aurubis
Standard Copper
Nordic Green Copper
Nordic Blue Copper
Nordic Brown Copper
 Nordic Royal Copper


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bluescope Colorbond 300x61 - Aurubis luxteel logo - Aurubis

elzinc - Aurubis

vmzinc logo 300x96 - Aurubis

Rheinzink® 300x53 - Aurubis