Cladding Tools

Tools for Roofing, Sheet Metal & Plumbing Applications

Architectural Cladding Suppliers are proud to offer FREUND tools. These specialty tools, made in Germany – are designed for the roofing, sheet metal, and plumbing industries.

FREUND specialise in high quality, traditional and innovative hand tools for installers working on walling, cladding and roofing. The large and varied product line includes thousands of tools in every design and size:

  • Sheet Metal Cladding and Roofing tools
  • Cutting Pliers and Hammers for Plumbers
  • Trowels, Saws and Knives
  • Measuring Tools
  • Hatchets, Axes, Sheet Metal Scissors
  • Special tools for metal cladding 

FREUND Tools Product Catalogue

FREUND Tools Product Catalogue

Information Source

All information regarding FREUND Tools and associated products has been sourced from the FREUND Tools website.


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