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Architectural Cladding Suppliers are proud to offer PPC Flashings. Flashings are required to provide weather-resistance for the various junctions on a roof or wall structure. Flashings are an important part of the cladding design, and have a significant impact on the aesthetic appearance of the building. Qualified installers should be sought when designing, cutting and fastening flashing to any building project. Ponding of water and build-up of debris should be prevented and all flashings should be designed to prevent this from happening.

Flashings, ridge cappings, and accessories should be made from the same material as the material used to clad the roof or walls. If different materials are intended or specified, such materials should compatible for both contact and run-off. Contact with, or runoff from, some materials can damage coated steel products. Buildings can also be susceptible to condensation on inside surfaces. The materials include certain metals, treated timbers and chemicals.

Flashings must be designed to provide weather-resistance for the roof or wall cladding, independent of the use of sealants or other materials to provide such weather-resistance. Unpainted galvanised steel is incompatible with most inert materials and is subject to inert catchment corrosion.

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We recommend the following to ensure the best results with your next Flashings project:

  • Don’t allow any contact of coated steel products with incompatible materials.
  • Don’t allow discharge of rainwater from incompatible materials onto coated steel products.
  • Ensure that supporting members are compatible with the coated steel products or, alternatively, appropriately coated

The key features of our PPC Flashings range comprise:

  • Custom Flashings at competitive pricing
  • Technical Support
  • Quality Finish
  • Pick up or Delivery EVERYDAY
  • 30 day credit account or COD
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