Standing Seam Metal Cladding And Roofing Provides A Breathtaking Finish

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Standing Seam metal cladding delivers a simply beautiful finish for this residential project in Middle Park, Melbourne.

With its dark velvety characteristics, ANTHRA-ZINC® provides a unique VMZINC® stone-like finish that is capable of blending with various materials, such as brick and slate.

standing seam panel system

Standing Seam metal cladding is one of the most versatile metal cladding and roofing products available.

It can be utilised for roofing or facade type applications with stunning results. Standing Seam metal cladding requires two panel seams to lap each other. The panel system is secured with our concealed clips and then crimped securely together with the use of specialised tools. This exceptional product has received unprecedented response due to its striking look, yet simple installation.

standing seam panels

Seams are available in 25mm / 38mm / 50mm formats and can be supplied with all the necessary traditional flashings and accessories. The streamline low height of the seams (25mm and 38mm) contributes to its architectural design and offers you the flexibility when working on more complex designs and structures.

Architectural Cladding Supplies offer a complete fabrication service, together with all system components and accessories.