Standing Seam never looked better with Luxe Tiny Homes

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Luxe Tiny Homes build liveable, eco-friendly, luxury tiny homes. These homes are built with high quality materials for a better, more sustainable way of living and they look absolutely amazing!

Standing Seam metal cladding, fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers for Luxe Tiny Homes never looked better. The ACS team is proud to be fabricating and supplying Luxe Tiny Homes – a unique business serving the construction industry in Victoria with plans to keep innovating and growing.

Fabricated by ACS for Luxe Tiny Homes – Standing Seam on show
Standing Seam finished with COLORBOND® steel delivers a beautiful architectural exterior for Luxe Tiny Homes

The Standing Seam panels finished in COLORBOND® steel – Night Sky® delivered a beautiful architectural exterior for Luxe Tiny Homes.

Luxe Tiny Homes, steered by Grant Kennedy, diversified operations in 2020 – in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. A registered commercial and domestic builder, Grant has been involved in the construction industry for decades, continually adapting his business to meet the growing demand for affordable, quality homes.

Overcoming major challenges brought on by the pandemic, Grant and his team reinvented themselves and have delivered something very unique to the Australian market. From concept, to pilot, to careful creation, the result is a luxurious tiny home that has taken the market by storm. There’s no looking back for the team at Luxe Tiny Homes.

Grant and his team have thrived with a collection of stunning designs; The Airlie, The Byron, and The Barossa, all offering ‘less house – more home’.

“We pride ourselves on helping to build local communities with our affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly tiny homes. Utilising high-quality materials such as Standing Seam from Architectural Cladding Suppliers creates an architectural finish people fall in love with. When matched with other materials such as timber – the end result is highly sought after by our clients”, says Grant from Luxe Tiny Homes.

Standing Seam fabricated by ACS more than delivers
What a beautiful architectural finish for Luxe Tiny Homes
Ready for delivery and installation – Luxe Tiny Homes

Luxe Tiny Homes at the Melbourne Tiny House Expo

Melbourne recently hosted its first tiny house expo, with demand for the mini dwellings exploding over the past two years. The latest collection of tiny and alternative homes was on display with buyers of all ages looking at a new way of life. To learn more check out this video – as reported on Channel 7 news.

On display at the Melbourne Tiny House Expo
The Luxe Tiny Homes team
Grant Kennedy from Luxe Tiny Homes

“Our tiny homes are unique in many ways. They offer people an affordable and sustainable way of living. A movement is building and it’s exciting to be part of it” adds Grant from Luxe Tiny Homes.

When we asked Grant what his favourite metal cladding products to work with were, he answered: “We love Standing Seam. It delivers a simple and beautiful exterior with COLORBOND® steel’s Night Sky® finish.”

When discussing upcoming trends in the construction industry, Grant mentions the need for people to live a simpler and better life free from the pressures of an expensive mortgage. “Tiny homes offer something different and a new way to live. You can uncomplicate your life with a smaller footrprint. Adding what matters and removing what doesn’t matter” claims Grant.

“The ACS team fabricated and supplied the Standing Seam metal cladding panels to the highest of quality. It was the support we received from beginning to end which really helped us deliver a great result” concludes Grant from Luxe Tiny Homes.

Installer: Luxe Tiny Homes
Material: COLORBOND® Steel
Finish: Night Sky®
System: Standing Seam
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

If you’re looking for a simply beautiful architectural aesthetic for your next project, look no further. Standing Seam available in 25 mm, 38mm, and 50mm panel heights, is suited for both residential and commercial projects.

Known for its versatility and simple aesthetic, our installers absolutely love this profile. The concealed fixing method of the panels answers the need of those seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to their building project.

Available in 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm panel heights and a range of different pan widths, Standing Seam is sure to excite architects, builders, and installers. Whether it’s used for cladding or roofing applications your project will be adored.

Adding the varying colours, material finishes, and dimensions available, Standing Seam panels can be fabricated and installed into tapered, flat, curved, concave, or convex shapes to perfectly suit the application. Design and architectural freedom are quickly realised with this metal cladding profile, from the architect to the builder and installer.

To learn more download our Standing Seam Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to deliver on your vision.