Staff Profile: Sonia Camilleri-Lummis

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Sonia Camilleri-Lummis

We recently caught up with Sonia Camilleri-Lummis, estimator of Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

We aim to reveal more about the people behind Architectural Cladding Suppliers… These people help deliver on the ACS promise made to all clients, supporting them to provide an exceptional result every time.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

I have a degree in Interior Architecture and have worked for both residential and commercial architectural firms in the past. My role is diverse from day to day as I help across our two companies – Architectural Cladding Suppliers and Professional Plumbing Contractors. My work includes estimating, project coordination, assisting with architectural enquiries, supporting builders and installers, coordinating marketing and social media information – no day is the same.

What are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities comprise of estimating, project coordination and management, architectural specification assistance, supporting marketing with content, administrative tasks, managing budgets on projects, attending site visits and client meetings.

It’s the way we respond to customer challenges and specific project requirements that I pride myself on. Given our team completely understands the challenges our installers and builders face on site.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I have been working in the architectural / building industry, since I left university, so in excess of 10 years now… And have changed the areas in which I have worked a number of times over the years. I have had the opportunity to work across several sectors and in diversified roles, which has been a great learning experience. Our project team is constantly surrounded by new ideas and we are continuously evolving as a business. 

ACS building

What satisfies you most about your work?

I think one of the most satisfying things about this industry is when you get to work on something from a very early stage, right up until you see the completed project. Seeing this finished result, delivered by a group of people coming together with an aligned vision is awesome. I also enjoy the variety in our days and working with the people that make up our team.

What metal cladding products are your favourites?

I enjoy seeing how our clients interpret and use all of our metal cladding products, they all have a very different aesthetic when they are installed. I really like seeing our installers use some creativity either with applying patterns or experimenting with different materials and colours to create visual interest and make the metal cladding a real stand-out feature.

Metal cladding production

What trends can you see emerging in the industry?

I think the industry is beginning to embrace metal cladding as something that can be used in a wide variety of applications, using the properties of a metal material to their advantage. Features such as metal being low maintenance and non-combustible especially, have been a real hot topic amongst the specifiers of products such as ours as it provides their clients with a solution whilst also giving them a very contemporary architectural look.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

We are always happy to assist with any enquiry, no matter how small the question may seem, so please if you are interested in any of our products be sure to be in touch with us!

For information on our metal cladding products, contact the ACS project team. We look forward to supporting you on your next build.