Copper Standing Seam Metal Cladding delivers an architectural wonder!

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Copper Standing Seam 25mm creates an inspired façade for this special residence in St Kilda.

For this project, the Concept Cladding team worked closely with Inarc Architects, Leone Constructions, and Architectural Cladding Suppliers to complete a remarkable installation to bring this residence back to life.

Architectural Cladding Systems
25mm Copper Standing Seam

According to Peter Kammerlander from Concept Cladding, the Copper Standing Seam delivered a unique façade.

Having been involved in metal cladding for over 25 years, Peter knows what it takes to deliver high-quality and simply beautiful metal cladding installations. This project required this special touch and with the use of Copper Standing Seam, particular attention was placed on air ventilation so the heat could rise behind the ply substrate and vent through the custom capping.

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Copper – a finish that would last for generations

Inarc Architects and Leone Constructions collaborated with Concept Cladding on the impressive finish to ensure the copper cladding was perfectly suited to its surrounds. Copper as a building material is resistant to corrosion, extremely durable, and low maintenance – making it the perfect material choice for this project.

Over time Copper will evolve – transforming from a shiny brown colour to darker brown and finally green after a number of years (refer image below). When exposed to natural elements such as wind and rain, Copper develops a “patina” that actually protects and preserves the metal underneath.

Architectural Cladding Colours

As an example showing the evolution of Copper over many years – refer to the Flinders Street Copper Dome below:

Melbourne cladding system
Flinders Street Copper Dome

“Our clients were after a finish that would last for generations. Copper is one of the few materials that can achieve this”, claims Peter KAMMERLANDER FROM CONCEPT CLADDING.

Fully sustainable with a contemporary feel, Copper Standing Seam delivered a stunning result. This was an exceptional achievement by Concept Cladding and a residential project the ACS team was proud to supply and fabricate.

25mm Copper Standing Seam
An outstanding installation by Concept Cladding

When we asked Peter, what type of metal cladding was his favourite – Peter replied: “Standing Seam, Flatlock, and Interlocking – each profile requires a detailed installation and special care. Working with these metal cladding systems allows us to deliver a distinct architectural finish. Add this with non-ferrous materials such as Zinc, Aluminium, and Copper – we are given the creative freedom to meet our clients’ expectations.”

Shiny and exceptional Copper Standing Seam

“We rely on open communication, technical support, and high-quality fabrication. The ACS team provide this for us… It’s all based on delivering to our exact specifications.” concludes Peter.

Standing Seam is one of the most versatile cladding systems available and can be installed across numerous applications, from roofing to façades, soffits, and even on internal walls as an architectural feature finish. The installation of standing seam requires the protruding seams of two or more panels to overlap each other. Each panel is secured with concealed clips and then mechanically crimped together with the use of specialised tools. The concealed fixing method of the panels answers the need of those seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to their building project.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team look forward to working with you to realise your vision.