Our Sister Company PPC Flashings continues to add value!

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Our sister company, PPC Flashings provides locally made flashings, rainwater goods, and accessories.

Combined with the technical expertise and know-how of our people working as one team, PPC Flashings offers sheet metal fabrication services to support our valued clients with their residential and commercial projects.

At PPC Flashings, our core capabilities comprise:

  • Extensive sheet metal fabrication machinery includes Slitter / Folders, Slit To Length Lines, Clincher, and Pan brake folders
  • Victoria Wide Delivery – Metro and Regional areas
  • Locally Manufactured with Technical Advice and Support
  • Urgent and Responsive Lead Times
  • Highly Skilled Sheet Metal Technicians
  • End to End Supply Connections to service your building project needs from start to finish
PPC Flashings – Capabilities

Most metal cladding installations will require flashings, rainwater goods, and accessories – making PPC Flashings the ideal choice to complement the ACS metal cladding product range.

At PPC Flashings, our products are custom-made to suit the individual requirements and specifications of our clients. Our core focus is on supplying the following high-quality products:

Standard Flashings and Custom Flashings
We can fold a wide range of standard and custom flashings. Flashings are available in COLORBOND® steel, Aluminium, Copper, and Zinc. You can choose from a wide range of available thicknesses from 0.4mm to 3.0mm depending on your application.

PPC Flashings – Rolling to your specifications
PPC Flashings – Custom made internal corners

Window and Door Flashings
We can fold a wide range of window and door flashings to suit your project requirements. Available in the same material finishes and thicknesses as specified above.

Rainwater Goods including Gutters, Rainheads, Sumps, and Trays

Our gutter range is available in box, valley, apron flashings, ridge cappings, and parapet capping. Our rain heads include standard, curved, tapered, oval shape, concave, and half-circle. Our sumps are made up of standard, deeper style, and rectangle style sumps. Our rainwater goods can all be custom made, tailored to your specifications – you are not limited to the standard range of products.

PPC Flashings – Half Round Rainheads
PPC Flashings – Custom Made Rainheads (from big to small)
PPC Flashings – Custom Made Rainheads
PPC Flashings – Rainwater goods – Chinaman hats
PPC Flashings – Rainwater Goods – Sumps

The following rainwater products can also be manufactured to specific requirements, backed by our technical support team and fully certified materials.

  • Overflows, Roof Cowls, Fixings, Battens, and Downpipes
  • Fascia and Gutter Boards / Brackets
  • Insulation, Pops, and Access Hatches
  • Metal Roofing Products
  • Polycarbonate Sheeting and Skylights
PPC Flashings – Access Hatches

The following finishes are available for all our flashings and rainwater goods:


Flashings and Rainwater Goods made from COLORBOND® steel provide a beautiful design option for roofing, cladding, and exterior façades to match any environment or architectural vision. As a finish, this material delivers a subtle and simply beautiful look for all types of building applications. Along with the added benefit of not chipping or cracking, COLORBOND® steel is one of the most durable metal materials available.

Made of zinc with a minimum initial purity of 99.995%, elZinc® is characterised by high malleability in any rolling direction and high stability after forming; optimal electro-welding performance due to low surface oil; and low-cold temperature brittleness. elZinc® products are available in natural or pre-painted finishes.


Aurubis copper is a beautiful, durable, and timeless copper material. It has a long lifecycle when correctly supplied and installed. Aurubis copper can give a distinctive character to an individual facade or roofing application, particularly when used in conjunction with other high-quality materials.

Available in 22 Classic Colours, UniCote® provides great design flexibility with products to suit any Australian landscape. UniCote® is a premium quality product that provides an affordable solution for all your roofing and rainwater requirements.

As a chosen finish, VMZINC® demonstrates extraordinary adaptability. When used appropriately this extraordinary material finish will enhance building designs and give them a memorable vibrancy.

A titanium zinc manufactured to the highest of standards. providing a natural finish that ages with time, is maintenance-free, and 100% recyclable. Perfect for any walling, cladding, and roofing application.

Our team’s mission is to provide exceptional customer service matched with high-quality local manufacturing of non-combustible metal rainwater goods, accessories, and flashings, to fully support our clients with all their project requirements. 

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Our project team is here to support our clients. If you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.