Nailstrip metal cladding shines in Warburton!

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Breathe in the fresh air and be inspired by the heavenly surroundings of this stunning residence in Warburton. Summer is to be enjoyed, loved and lived in architectural showpieces like this.

With the perfect combination of timber and Nailstrip metal cladding, fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers for Next Elevation and McEvoy Building Services – this residence is one to be loved. Set in a landscape filled with beauty and tranquility, the ACS team was proud to be involved in this special project.

Nailstrip in Warburton
Fabricated by ACS and installed by Next Elevation – Nailstrip on show in Warburton
Nailstrip finished in Colorbond steel
Nailstrip finished with COLORBOND® steel – Monument® shines in Warburton
McEvoy Building Services project
An exceptional installation by the Next Elevation team working closely with McEvoy Building Services

The Nailstrip panels finished in COLORBOND® steel – Monument® provided a stunning finish for this project.

Next Elevation managed by Mark Heller started operations in 2017. Involved in metal cladding and roofing installations for all types of projects, from townhouses, apartments, and bespoke residences such as Warburton. “We love working on feature walls and facades to deliver a striking architectural finish, and Warburton was definitely one of these projects” claims Mark from Next Elevation.

Next Elevation has been working with McEvoy Building Services for the past 18 months. For this project, Phil partnered with his brother Andrew to design and build something truly special, involving Next Elevation to install the Nailstrip metal cladding panels to perfection.

“Meticulous attention and detail were required by the Next Elevation team to put two years’ worth of planning to life. We started off with a few samples of Nailstrip to then realise the simple beauty of the metal cladding profile. It’s a good profile and easy to work with,” claims Phil from McEvoy Building Services.

Nailstrip fabricated by ACS
Nailstrip fabricated by ACS delivers for all parties involved
Nailstrip materials
Blending in perfectly with surrounding materials – Nailstrip more than delivers

This residential project has a special feel – set in a breathtaking landscape, proving to be an architectural showpiece for all to adore in Warburton. This was an exceptional achievement by Next Elevation and McEvoy Building Services – a residential project the ACS team was proud to supply and fabricate.

When we asked Mark what metal cladding products were his favourites to work with, he answered: “I find Interlocking, Snaplock, and Nailstrip great profiles to work with. They allow us to achieve the straight lines and a modern finish to match our client’s vision.”

When discussing upcoming trends in architectural metal cladding, Mark mentions COLORBOND® steel Matt especially in Monument® is always in high demand. In addition, merging different metal cladding panels to get some contrasting patterns or a curved look is starting to get noticed and will add a unique architectural finish to any project.

“The ACS team fabricated and supplied the Nailstrip metal cladding panels to the highest of quality. The advice they provided along with the technical support needed was greatly appreciated” concludes Mark Heller from Next Elevation.

Installer: Next Elevation
Builder: McEvoy Building Services
Material: COLORBOND® Steel
Finish: Monument®
System: Nailstrip
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

If you’re looking for endless appeal for your next project, look no further. Nailstrip Metal Cladding available in 25 mm and 38mm panel heights, is suited for both residential and commercial projects.

When simplicity and a subtle finish are in high demand, Nailstrip is a metal cladding profile that delivers. Known for its straightforward installation, our installers love this profile. Using a continuous fixing strip that requires no clips or mechanical seam closing, Nailstrip continues to be a popular choice.

Available in 25mm and 38mm panel heights and a range of different pan widths, Nailstrip is sure to impress. Whether it’s used for cladding or roofing applications your project will look amazing.

Adding the varying colours, material finishes, and dimensions available, Nailstrip can also be laid vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Design and architectural freedom are quickly realised with this metal cladding profile, from the architect to the builder and installer.

As clearly shown in this residential project, creative design, and architecture partner together to deliver a showpiece in Warburton.

To learn more download our Nailstrip Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to deliver on your vision.