The key benefits of Nailstrip Metal Cladding

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Nailstrip is the no-fuss, simple and cost-effective cladding system.

Nailstrip continues to impress due to its versatility, easy installation, and striking appearance. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and durable metal cladding and roofing profile, look no further than Nailstrip.

The key benefits of Nailstrip include:

  • Nailstrip panels are designed to “snap” together, offering a straight-forward and simple installation method.
  • There are no specialist tools, mechanical seam locking, or clips needed.
  • Using the 165mm and 265mm pan width options helps reduce the chance of any oil canning. The pan widths can be customised if required.
  • Nailstrip allows for material expansion and contraction – delivering a high-quality long term cladding and roofing solution.
  • Low level of maintenance after installation – providing peace of mind for both the installer, builder and end-user client.
  • Nailstrip removes the added complexity of exact measurement and spacing as a small amount of colorbond flashings are required.
  • Nailstrip is available in 25mm and 38mm panel heights providing greater flexibility for your next project.
  • Installers have the freedom to combine fixed panel widths or random patterns within the same facade to deliver a showpiece result.
  • Nailstrip is suitable for both commercial and residential projects providing a striking architectural finish.
Nailstrip on show!
Nailstrip looking the business!
Nailstrip looking the business!
An inspired architectural finish with Nailstrip!

Nailstrip is a great choice for roofing and wall cladding applications for residential and commercial projects.

Nailstrip is available in 25mm and 38mm panel heights and a range of different panel lengths, depending on material selection. Whatever the application there will be no visible clips or fixings – providing a striking architectural aesthetic.

Nailstrip can be manufactured using a diverse range of metals available – including:

  • COLORBOND® Steel
  • Galvabond
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanised Steel

Simple installation is the key to success with Nailstrip.

You can achieve a striking architectural finish without needing advanced technical know-how with Nailstrip. The profile can be secured directly over plywood or may be used to span over timber or steel battens. Easy to install using screws and then snapping the joining panels together – with no specialist tools, mechanical seam locking, or clips needed.

Being a simple and no-fuss profile, we are able to fabricate as per your specific job requirements. We aim to provide you with a beautiful-looking, high-quality Nailstrip profile in the most cost-effective way, minimising waste at every step.

What a facade – the perfect mix of Nailstrip and Red Brick!
Nailstrip shines in Warburton!

Product Specifications

Panel Heights available 25mm and 38mm panel heights available
Length of Panel Panel lengths available from a minimum 500mm, dependant on material selection
Cover Widths available 165mm – 490mm pan widths from rib to rib (material dependant)  
Substrate Requirements Substrate options available for wall and roof applications *
Tolerance (mm)Sheet length: +/- 7mm and Covering width: +/- 4mm
Stop End and/or HookRecommended by ACS
Fire Rated/BAL Applications Suitable for use in fire-rated and BAL applications in conjunction with a suitable wall/roof build-up *

* Note: For further information and expert advice please contact Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

Nailstrip Profile

For more information download the ACS Nailstrip Data Sheet and the ACS Nailstrip Order Form.

At ACS, our fabrication process is tailored to our clients’ project specifications, reducing waste, allowing for flexibility, and most importantly providing installers, builders, and architects the freedom to select the material, finish they desire, along with the size and style they prefer.

Our project team is here to support our clients. If you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.