Nailstrip and Snaplock combine in Malvern East

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Malvern East is known for its leafy streets and beautiful parks.

For this special residential project, Braith Plumbing created a subtle and uplifting architectural aesthetic for their client.

Delivered with the help of 38mm Nailstrip and Snaplock finished in COLORBOND® steel Surf Mist and Night Sky – installed by the Braith Plumbing team and fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

Braith Plumbing started operations 15 years ago.

The business has now evolved into a roofing and cladding installation company, serving both the residential and commercial building industries.

According to Brad Wicks, “Working with both Nailstrip and Snaplock on this project allowed us to perfect all the details that make a real difference. Those fine lines and joins around flashings and windows can make or break the aesthetic of any facade. Both Nailstrip and Snaplock provided a seamless finish and worked so well together in those detailed areas.”

“We worked closely with NTF Architecture and Dome Projects to deliver on the client’s vision. The transition of COLORBOND® steel Surf Mist to Night Sky worked perfectly for this residence… We always surprise ourselves at the end with what is achieved.”

The combination of 38mm Nailstrip and Snaplock provides a stunning exterior, now admired by the locals in Malvern East. Discussing this project in detail with Brad, it’s very clear that Braith Plumbing is proud of the outcome. It’s also clear how fond Brad is of Nailstrip and Snaplock.

“I love to work with these profiles. When combined you can achieve great results with the most intricate and detailed projects”. 

“COLORBOND® steel is in high demand right now for both residential and commercial applications. Due to its finish, quality, availability, and price, a high-end look is delivered for all to enjoy” claims Brad.

“Architectural Cladding Suppliers more than deliver for us. Their advice, knowledge, and technical support with both design and installation is truly appreciated by our team. We work together to overcome any issues to ensure a great result for the client. Their attention to detail, product quality, and fabrication capability is highly regarded” concludes Brad.

Nailstrip and Snaplock when combined will always impress. These metal cladding profiles sit within ACS short standard lead times – normally one week or less. Available in 25mm and 38mm rib heights, Nailstrip and Snaplock provide installers with the confidence to deliver for their projects.

To learn more, contact the ACS project team. We look forward to supporting you on your next build.