Installer Spotlight – Jason Long from CladCraft

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From humble beginnings to high-end architectural projects, the future looks bright for CladCraft!

Jason Long has been a roofer for over twenty-five years with a strong artistic background. Then metal cladding arrived and the rest is history… Cladding allowed Jason to bring his creativity to life and the installation work became a craft, hence the business brand “CladCraft’.

Along with his partner Michael Dempsey, Jason set out to make a difference in every cladding project. From feature walls to breathtaking facades and curved masterpieces – there was no stopping CladCraft.

When discussing a memorable project for Jason, it’s clear the pride he feels when the final product is delivered to the client. For this project (featured below), CladCraft installed bespoke curved walls with 25mm Standing Seam. Jason explains the fine balance between the creativity and complexity involved to provide a pristine finish.

Attention must be given to the “right radius at the top and bottom of the panels” and then making sure the “substrate is both even and accurate” to allow the curve to be seamless and free-flowing. As you can see below CladCraft’s installation is not only memorable but breathtaking.

Standing Seam – Curved Feature Wall

Jason recalls another installation completed in the bustling suburb of St Kilda East, Melbourne. This is where the “Fibonacci Sequence” was brought to life by the CladCraft team with 25mm Standing Seam finished with COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument®.

Standing Seam -Fibonacci Sequence

Architects use the Fibonacci Sequence in systems of design to deliver a visually pleasing outcome for their clients, with careful consideration to materials and their surroundings. As you can see above this was more than delivered by the CladCraft team.

When Jason was asked what is one of the most important traits for all cladding installers? He stresses the importance of “creativity” and the need for “perseverance to deliver a quality finish on time”. “We love working with a range of metal cladding profiles. This allows our team to be creative, deliver something unique and remarkable for our clients.”

When discussing upcoming trends in architectural metal cladding, Jason points to COLORBOND® steel as a popular material in the cladding industry.

“COLORBOND® steel Matt, in particular, is in such high demand… Used in both residential and commercial projects, it’s a beautiful material you can count on for its finish and durability.”

Interlocking – COLORBOND® steel Night Sky®
Interlocking – COLORBOND® steel Monument®
Interlocking – COLORBOND® steel Surfmist®

Going forward, CladCraft continues to grow and evolve. The relationship with Architectural Cladding Suppliers continues to grow stronger.

“Dealing with the ACS team is easy. We heavily rely on their expertise, technical support, and quality fabrication. It’s all based on trust really – we have formed a strong relationship over the years. Our mission is to always deliver the best outcome for the client” concludes Jason.

At ACS, our fabrication process is tailored to our clients’ project specifications, reducing waste, allowing for flexibility, and most importantly providing installers, builders, and architects the freedom to select the material, finish they desire, along with the size and style they prefer. If you require custom advice, the ACS team can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.