Metal Cladding Fabrication At Its Best

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Metal Cladding Fabrication machines

Our Metal Cladding Fabrication capabilities hit a new level with the addition of these new machines.

Combined with the technical expertise and know-how of our people, we welcome two new machines to our fabrication family. Our new Guillotine and CNC Pressbrake machines offer even more to our valued clients to support with all their residential and commercial project requirements.

Our new Hydraulic Guillotine

Hydraulic Guillotine

Features include:

  • 8mm material capacity
  • 4000mm maximum material length
  • Hardened blades to suit stainless steel Cr12MoV – pneumatic sheet support system
  • 1000mm back gauge range
  • Rake angle adjustment
  • 10spm
  • 7.5kw motor power
  • Estun E21S control
  • Rear safety light barrier
  • Machine weight: 9,700kg
  • Machine size: 4650 x 1890 x 2075mm

Our new CNC Pressbrake

CNC Pressbrake

Features include:

  • 160-tonne bending force
  • 4100mm bending length
  • 3600mm between frames
  • 410mm throat depth
  • 215mm ram stroke
  • 520mm open height
  • 5 axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R & CNC hydraulic crowning compensation)
  • 2 front sheet supports moving
  • Delem DA-66T touch screen graphical CNC control
  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • 17-inch high-resolution colour TFT
  • User-specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment – Sensor bending
  • Weight: 15,000kg
  • Size: 4610 x 1600 x 2590mm
CNC Pressbrake


  • Full set of Rolleri (Italian) top tooling in 835mm lengths
  • Full set of Rolleri (Italian) bottom tooling in 835mm lengths – Quick release clamps for fast, efficient tool changes
  • 5 x 120mm gooseneck punches
  • 1 x 120mm gooseneck punch sectionalised
  • 5 x 120mm high pillar die with 10mm V
  • 1 x 120mm high pillar die with
Tooling machine
Custom made Top Hats manufactured with 3mm Galvanised Steel using our new Hydraulic Guillotine and CNC Pressbrake

Our metal cladding capabilities aim to meet the individual requirements and specifications of our clients. Our core focus is on supplying the following high-quality products:

Metal Cladding Profiles
We can fabricate a wide range of metal cladding profiles: Standing Seam, Interlocking, Snaplock, Nailstrip, Flatlock, Shingles and Metal Weatherboards. All available in COLORBOND® steel, Aluminium, Copper, and Zinc. You can choose from a wide range of available thicknesses, panel widths and lengths – depending on your application.

Metal Cladding Profiles
Fabricating to your specifications

Standard Flashings and Custom Flashings available from our sister company – PPC Flashings

We can fold a wide range of standard and custom flashings. Flashings are available in COLORBOND® steel, Aluminium, Copper, and Zinc. You can choose from a wide range of available thicknesses from 0.4mm to 3.0mm depending on your application.

Standard Flashings
PPC Flashings can be tailored to your specifications

Window and Door Flashings available from our sister company – PPC Flashings
We can fold a wide range of window and door flashings to suit your project requirements. Available in the same material finishes and thicknesses as specified above.

Rainwater Goods including Gutters, Rainheads, Sumps, and Trays available from our sister company – PPC Flashings

Our gutter range is available in box, valley, apron flashings, ridge cappings, and parapet capping. Our rain heads include standard, curved, tapered, oval shape, concave, and half-circle. Our sumps are made up of standard, deeper style, and rectangle style sumps. Our rainwater goods can all be custom made, tailored to your specifications – you are not limited to the standard range of products.

Rainwater Goods
Half Round Rainheads
Rainwater products
Rainwater Goods – Sumps

The following rainwater products can also be manufactured to specific requirements, backed by our technical support team and fully certified materials.

  • Overflows, Roof Cowls, Fixings, Battens, and Downpipes
  • Fascia and Gutter Boards / Brackets
  • Insulation, Pops, and Access Hatches
  • Metal Roofing Products
  • Polycarbonate Sheeting and Skylights

Our team’s mission is to provide exceptional metal fabrication services matched with high-quality local manufacturing of non-combustible metal cladding products, rainwater goods, accessories, and flashings, to fully support our clients with all their project requirements. 

Our project team is here to support our clients. If you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.