Metal Cladding Services

When you choose Architectural Cladding Suppliers you will receive tailored metal cladding, walling and roofing products providing you with peace of mind, reliability and the aesthetic you can be proud of. Our metal cladding machines are capable of producing high quality metal cladding and metal roofing profiles for many different applications within very short re-tooling times. This means quicker production runs, enabling Architectural Cladding Suppliers to meet urgent job requests and project deadlines.

View our latest videos on our machine capabilities and metal cladding services – producing high quality metal cladding products:







Architectural Cladding Suppliers aim to eliminate your operational risks, build your brand and deliver high quality and safe building solutions. We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality in manufacturing, using state-of-the-art machinery and employing highly skilled technicians who have been working in the industry for decades. We are passionate about making architectural metal walling, cladding and roofing products which will not only look great, also be safe for the people living and working in the buildings, and great for the environment. Our fit for purpose steel, aluminium and copper walling, cladding and roofing products provide you with the finish, quality and reliability to keep your projects running on time and to budget.



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Standing Seam 2 300x200 - Metal Cladding Services
Interlocking Panel 300x200 - Metal Cladding Services
Nailstrip 300x200 - Metal Cladding Services
Snaplock 300x200 - Metal Cladding Services
Metal Weatherboard 300x200 - Metal Cladding Services
Shingle 300x134 - Metal Cladding Services


Architectural Cladding Suppliers respond quickly to meet urgent project deliveries and alleviate any issues that arise in project management. Utilisation of metal cladding, walling and roofing materials to reduce waste and increase efficiencies is the key to building affordable and sustainable buildings. This is proven in our project work and the testimony of our customers speaks for itself. Sourcing your metal walling, cladding and roofing materials from Architectural Cladding Suppliers makes project management easy. We have the supply connections and quality steel, aluminium and copper cladding, walling and roofing products to service your building project needs from start to finish.