Back on The Block in 2021

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The ACS team are back manufacturing COLORBOND® steel cladding products for the Block 2021 series – installed by LCS Plumbing.

We are super excited to see our COLORBOND® steel Matt cladding products play a leading role in The Block this year, by helping to re-define the streetscape of the cul-de-sac of the five homes in Hampton, Melbourne.

The Block site for 2021 is the Bronte Court cul-de-sac in Hampton, Melbourne
(Source: Channel Nine)

Last year an opportunity came our way to be involved in the popular reality TV show through LCS Plumbing, our valued installer. And we are absolutely thrilled to be involved again in 2021.

Les Clarke Junior from LCS Plumbing and the ACS team geared up to deliver something truly special last year and this year is no different. A striking array of metal cladding products and finishes were selected for last season’s homes and we are sure the theme will continue this year.

The Block 2021 will be freshening its approach, with our 5 contestant couples, completing a huge 12-week renovation in Hampton. 

This year contestants are working their magic on houses in Bronte Court, Hampton closer to the eastern boundary of Bluff Road. Along with three new couples, Mitch and Mark from The Block 2019 series and Ronnie and Georgia from The Block 2017 series – the contestants will tackle five unique bayside homes.

This season introduces a new twist – for the first time ever, there will be no house plans and the contestants will be building basements in their homes. Three of the homes are brick and two are weatherboards.

Colour consultations took place in the first week of filming, with Architect Julian Brenchley and COLORBOND® steel’s colour consultant Alison Fenton assisted the contestants in selecting colours and finishes, to inspire creative ideas using COLORBOND® steel Matt as a lead design element. 

The COLORBOND® steel team worked closely with each couple developing palettes to show how each home, regardless of style, could reflect current design trends by drawing on the Matt range. Also introducing a seamless sense of flow between exterior and interior design elements. Here are some examples:

Colour consultations – COLORBOND® steel
(Source: COLORBOND® steel website)

“The chosen COLORBOND® steel colours provided us with the direction to apply our metal cladding and roofing installation skills to work on a unique external finish for The Block this year. We look forward to working closely with the ACS team to deliver a memorable architectural aesthetic for all five homes” adds Les Clarke Junior from LCS Plumbing.

The combination of metal cladding, timber, brick or render, stone, and aged metal features are sure to impress this year. We are working hard with the LCS Plumbing team to deliver something truly special for The Block 2021. Stay tuned more to come!

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