Unicote® Lux Shines with Interlocking

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This coastal development oozes class with our Interlocking metal cladding finished in Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte. Installed to perfection by Coastal Cladding and fabricated by the ACS team, this is a unique residential project.

Mt Martha is a charming coastal destination known for its stunning natural beauty and relaxed setting. Situated on the Mornington Peninsula, Mt Martha offers a unique canvas for architectural projects.

For this residential project, Interlocking is fabricated to exact specifications by Architectural Cladding Suppliers for the Costal Cladding team.

Fabricated by ACS and installed by Coastal Cladding – Interlocking on show in Mt Martha
Interlocking finished with Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte impresses
A stunning installation by the Coastal Cladding team

With decades of industry experience, Coastal Cladding prides itself on high-quality workmanship.

Experienced metal cladding installers, the Coastal Cladding team is known for its immaculate quality, attention to detail, and project completion times. Their mission is to help builders, business owners and residents alike protect their property with affordable, quality metal cladding from the best brands in the industry.

The Interlocking panels finished in Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte provide a unique and durable architectural finish for this coastal residential project.

Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte delivers a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing coating for our installers, builders, and end-users. Providing a bespoke look that is highly sought after in contemporary architecture. The appearance adds modern character and depth to residential buildings and structures.

Interlocking finished in Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte combines perfectly with the surrounding environment
Another angle showcases the beauty of Interlocking fabricated by ACS
Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte provides a unique architectural finish

Unique, modern, and strong Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matt adds character and depth to this project.

According to Stuart Barr from Coastal Cladding, “We were all pleased with the end result of this project. It looks absolutely amazing.”

Blending in nicely with the surrounding environment, the Interlocking panels offer a defining exterior finish with exceptional performance to match. Resistant to our harsh Australian climate, Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte is a durable finish and an ideal choice for coastal applications.

This was a special installation by the Coastal Cladding team. The ACS team was proud to supply and fabricate Snaplock to specification for this residential project.

Installer: Coastal Cladding
Material: Unicote® Lux – Midnight Matte
System: Interlocking
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

If you’re looking for a timeless and modern finish for your next project, look no further. Interlocking is available in 25 mm panel heights and is suited for both residential and commercial projects.

When a modern architectural finish is in high demand, Interlocking is a metal cladding profile that delivers. Adding the varying colours, material finishes, and dimensions available, Interlocking provides architects, builders, and installers the freedom to deliver on their clients’ vision.

To learn more download our Interlocking Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to deliver on your vision.