LCS Plumbing Throw Back to Mornington with Snaplock and Interlocking Metal Cladding

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This is a truly special throwback to this project in Mornington with Les Clarke Jnr from LCS Plumbing.

Building on Les’s Mum and Dad’s dream home started in 2018 and when metal cladding was specified they turned to Les. One hurdle however was that Les had actually never installed or worked with metal cladding.

Although Les admits to a certain amount of reluctance to take the project on he remembers his Mum putting him in contact with Shane (from ACS) who invited him to come to the factory. “We were like kids in a lolly shop”, Les remembers. “We went through all the materials front to back and he showed us the rollformers… it was a beautiful experience.”

With a newfound confidence and the full backing of ACS, the rest is history and Les has never looked back. His parent’s project was completed with spectacular results and a new era for LCS Plumbing was launched .

It’s clear that Les is extremely proud of this project and how the metal cladding profiles of Snaplock and Interlocking combined perfectly together.

According to Les, “Snaplock finished with COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument®, combined with Interlocking finished with Copper Penny® worked and delivered a beautiful result… These are two of the best colour schemes when put together, they just work.”

colorbond cladding profiles
cladding profiles

The Snaplock provided beautiful shadow lines for this project.

“Once the Snaplock was installed you could instantly see the light bounce off the ribs into the pan. It’s really breathtaking and then it all transitions into the Interlocking, a smooth and simple metal cladding profile. It made us all so proud to have pushed hard and accomplish something truly special” claims Les.

When discussing the future of architectural design, Les is confident that COLORBOND® steel as a material choice will always outshine other options in Australia. Les claims “COLORBOND® steel once installed, you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance. Also being local and Australian made also helps and just makes sense to use this material.”

“I have a great relationship with the ACS team.”

“They understand my requirements and provide me with great advice and technical support when needed” Les concludes.

At Architectural Cladding Suppliers, our manufacturing of metal cladding products is tailored to our clients’ project specifications and requirements. If you require custom support, the ACS project team can discuss your project needs and work with you to deliver a successful outcome.