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Wall cladding and roofing products made from COLORBOND® steel deliver a beautiful design option for an exterior façade or as an internal feature walling to match any mood or environment.

Manufactured to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728) and tested in Australian conditions over the last 50 years, COLORBOND® steel is a superior finish for your Cladding and Roofing products.

COLORBOND® steel Matt finish

COLORBOND® steel’s Matt finish offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing you to make a sophisticated and personal design statement. COLORBOND® steel Matt provides you with the flexibility to realise your design vision.

This contemporary finish offers a sophisticated twist, which alongside our existing COLORBOND® steel range provides even greater design opportunities. Choosing softer, more neutral colours adds a designer touch to the appearance of your home.

The new COLORBOND® steel Matt allows you to make stylish and defining design choices for modern home exteriors. Choose from five of COLORBOND® steel’s neutral colours; Surfmist®, Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt®, and Monument® to make your design statement.

Tested for over a decade, COLORBOND® steel Matt has been designed to withstand our harsh Australian environment. The result is a product which maintains its Matt finish, looking even better for longer.

The key benefits of the COLORBOND® steel

  • The steel base is manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.
  • The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology*, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

  • A thin pretreatment layer is applied to optimise the adhesion of further coatings.
  • A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface.
  • A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.

SOURCE: COLORBOND® steel website

Fifty Years of Research and Development

Fifty years of research and development has created a range of technologies that give COLORBOND® steel its long lasting performance when subjected to Australian weather conditions.

For roofing and walling, check for the ink branding on the reverse side of the sheet with ‘COLORBOND® steel made by BlueScope’ printed on the material.

Thermal Efficiency

Every colour (except Night Sky®) in the standard COLORBOND® steel range features Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. 

Thermatech® technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot days.

This means less dependence on air-conditioning, plus reduced heat stress for your roof.

In turn making COLORBOND® steel a great choice for your projects, your budget and the environment.

COLORBOND® steel Colours

Available in Contemporary, Standard and Matt colours:

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COLORBOND® Metallic steel

metallic colorbond - COLORBOND® steel

The COLORBOND® Metallic steel range comprises of six colours and an innovative paint technology that boosts its signature lustre effect.

This paint type and production method strategically places particles in the paint system to optimise light penetration and colour reflectivity to increase brilliance.

A simple play of light is all that’s needed to bring out the signature metallic finish on COLORBOND® Metallic steel.

The distinctive reflective surface of COLORBOND® Metallic steel draws on the environment and surrounding structure, enabling you to enhance your prestigious building designs with subtle yet dramatic effects, endless nuances and dynamic changeable qualities.

You will have peace of mind, knowing that the COLORBOND® Metallic steel substrate is protected by Activate® technology and AS/NZS 2728 compliance. Whether it’s by using the variations between vertical and horizontal planes, creating distinctive architectural features, or even regulating the conditions of incidental lighting, the flexible nature of COLORBOND® Metallic steel will complement and enhance any design.

Source: BlueScope COLORBOND® Metallic steel website

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