Interlocking Metal Cladding And Flatlock Metal Cladding Get Together In McKinnon

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Located in McKinnon, the combination of Interlocking and Flatlock finished in COLORBOND® steel – Terrain®, Monument® and Night Sky® makes a statement.

This multi-residential project will provide modern residential living with all the amenities at hand for an easy-going lifestyle. Along with the roof installation, the cladding install was completed by our sister company Professional Plumbing Contractors who worked alongside Hutchinson Builders to deliver an exceptional project.

Both Flatlock Metal Cladding and Interlocking Metal Cladding profiles offer custom pan widths and provide a simple and smooth finish with no visible fixings.

Simon Grieco, Project Manager at Hutchinson Builders was pleased with the final outcome and the simple beauty of the façade with the mix of metal cladding used.

The contrast of material finish and colour adds to the depth of the build. Interlocking metal cladding and Flatlock metal cladding are both well suited to residential and commercial architectural developments due to their achievable design options.

Architectural Cladding Suppliers can manufacture and provide everything that is required to complete your project from our cladding profiles, to all the associated accessories and flashings via our sister company, PPC Flashings. As every architectural project is different, if you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and will work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.