Installer Spotlight – Southside Metal Roofing

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Known for their high-quality craftsmanship and precise installations, the future looks bright for the Southside Metal Roofing team.

Southside Metal Roofing has been involved in metal roofing and cladding for over twenty-five years. Involved in all types of projects from residential to commercial, this company has gone from strength to strength.

Pat Houghton and the Southside Metal Roofing team set out to make a difference in every project they undertake. From breathtaking facades to massive roof installations – there is no stopping this powerful outfit.

Some memorable projects come up, where Architectural Cladding Suppliers have played a major role in fabrication and supply. For this project (featured below), Southside Metal Roofing delivered a showstopping architectural finish for their clients. The attention to detail and meticulous installation is clearly on show.

Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel Monument® installed to perfection by Southside Metal Roofing
Fabricated and supplied by the ACS team for Southside Metal Roofing

Workmanship at the highest of levels is shown for every project.

When we asked Pat what metal cladding and roofing products were his favourites, he replied ”Snaplock is my favourite,  just easier to work with I feel.”

Snaplock’s straightforward installation method doesn’t require specialist tools – making it a popular metal cladding and roofing system for installers and builders.

Snaplock is a great choice for modern architectural projects and can be specified for roof and wall cladding, open to horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lay patterns. Concealed fixing allows Snaplock to shine and showcase its simplicity.

When discussing upcoming trends in architectural metal cladding and roofing, Pat points to COLORBOND® steel as a popular material. “COLORBOND® steel Matt has emerged and is in high demand.”

COLORBOND® steel Matt is a durable and subtle material, available in a range of popular colours including Monument®, Basalt®, Surfmist®, Dune®, and Shale Grey™. It offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing installers and builders to make a sophisticated design statement.

Tested for over a decade, COLORBOND® steel Matt has been made to withstand our harsh environment. The result is a cladding and roofing material that maintains its Matt finish, looking even better for longer.


Chilling by the pool – the perfect installation by Southside Metal Roofing
Standing Seam on show for this special project – a stunning installation by Southside Metal Roofing
It’s all in the curve for Southside Metal Roofing
By the balcony, simply beautiful – this residence shines!
The recent Frankston townhouse project – featuring Snaplock COLORBOND® steel Jasper® installed by Southside Metal Roofing
Fabricated by ACS and installed by the Southside Metal Roofing team
Snaplock delivers for this townhouse development

Going forward, Southside Metal Roofing continues to grow and evolve.

“We like roofing and we enjoy cladding installations because you get to see more of the finished product. We have a few cladding jobs on the go at the moment and hope to keep winning more in the future” concludes Pat.

At ACS, our fabrication process is tailored to our clients’ project specifications, reducing waste, allowing for flexibility, and most importantly providing installers, builders, and architects the freedom to do what they do best.

If you require custom advice, the ACS team can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.