Installer Spotlight – Advanced Metal Cladding

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High-end residential projects are a part and parcel of the Advanced Metal Cladding value proposition!

Michael Kumschick has been involved in metal cladding for twenty years. Along with his partner Paul Bowd, they set out to make a real difference with every high-end residential cladding project they undertook. From curved masterpieces to external facades – there was no stopping the Advanced Metal Cladding team.

When discussing memorable projects, it’s clear the pride Michael feels when the final product is delivered to clients. For this recent project (featured below), Advanced Metal Cladding installed curved Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument® – fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

Michael explains the need for the substructure to be right, to begin with, and then the requirement for the Standing Seam panels to be all straight and plumbed so they can continue as one radius curve. Attention must be given to the right radius at the top and bottom of the panels to ensure the curve is seamless.

Curved Standing Seam
A different angle – Standing Seam impresses every time

Michael recalls other high-end residential installations completed with different materials and metal cladding systems. As you can see below these installations completed by the Advanced Metal Cladding team and fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers are absolutely stunning.

Standing Seam and Interlocking finished with COLORBOND® steel Surf Mist®
Both profiles combine perfectly with surrounding materials
An exceptional installation by Advanced Metal Cladding
The good old “A-C-B-C” installation of Standing Seam finished with VMZINC Anthra comes through with the goods for this project.    
Clean lines are delivered with Interlocking finished with COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument® – installed horizontally by Advanced Metal Cladding
Interlocking finished with COLORBOND® steel Matt Night Sky® delivers for this high-end residential project.
Another view of Interlocking installed by Advanced Metal Cladding

When Michael was asked what is one of the most important traits for cladding installers?

He stresses the importance of quality, tailored installations that are not off the shelf, and the critical element of problem-solving on the job.

We asked Michael, what type of metal cladding profiles were his favourites – Michael replied: “Standing Seam and Interlocking – each system allows for a distinct architectural finish. Standing Seam provides us with the flexibility to be creative with our installation with curved finishes and custom work. Interlocking allows for a straightforward installation with a simple elegant finish.”

When discussing upcoming trends in architectural metal cladding, Michael mentions COLORBOND® steel Matt and Aluminium Matt as popular materials in the metal cladding industry. The Matt finish seems to be in high demand and very popular at the moment.

Going forward, Advanced Metal Cladding continues to grow and evolve. Having started in 2013 with a team of two, the business is now made of eight experienced metal cladding installers.

And the relationship with Architectural Cladding Suppliers continues to improve… “Communication, technical expertise, quality fabrication, and on-time delivery are very important to our business. It’s all based on trust, where we can work together on specific projects to deliver the best outcome for our clients” concludes Michael.