Impressive Angles Delivered with Standing Seam!

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It’s all about those impressive angles at this residential project Advanced Metal Cladding installed earlier this year. Standing Seam finished with elZinc material was fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers to suit the client’s requirements. The finished result is out of this world! According to Michael Kumschick from Advanced Metal Cladding this was a very custom job delivering an amazing result for all parties: the builder Silver Stream Constructions, supplier and fabricator Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

Image Credits – Photography: Courtney King

This unique residential development allowed Standing Seam to shine. Rather than accept the default position of residential design, Silver Stream Constructions and Advanced Metal Cladding worked together to push the envelope. The result is a simply beautiful façade and roof with featured angles and a striking finish. This was a real achievement by the team at Advanced Metal Cladding and a project Architectural Cladding Suppliers were proud to supply and fabricate Standing Seam profiles to specification. A choice of 25mm, 38mm and / or 50mm rib heights, will give you complete control over the quality of your creative vision.

Credits: ⁠⠀
Install by: Advanced Metal Cladding
Photos taken by: Courtney King
Builder involved in the project: Silverstream Constructions
Thanks for sharing these great photos and story Advanced Metal Cladding

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