COLORBOND® steel Matt Is Perfect With The Australian Landscape

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COLORBOND® steel Matt delivers a seamless finish for this residential project in Melbourne.

Manufactured in various widths and shadow gap combinations, Interlocking metal cladding is featured – installed by the team at CRV – Cladding Roofing Victoria.

steel’s Matt finish allows the architect, builder and installer to make a creative and individual design statement. Choosing softer, more neutral colours adds a designer touch to the appearance of your home.

There are five COLORBOND® colours – including: Surfmist®, Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt®, and Monument®.

COLORBOND® steel’s Matt finish aims to provide our clients with a high quality, strong, subtle and beautiful aesthetic.

This exceptional and ground-breaking metal cladding finish delivers a sophisticated and modern look – complimented with the Architectural Cladding Suppliers existing COLORBOND® steel colours and finishes available.

Tested in Australia for our weather conditions and extreme environments in rural and coastal locations – COLORBOND® steel Matt has been developed and designed to withstand the Australian environment. The result is a metal cladding finish which maintains its Matt finish, looking exceptional, subtle and beautiful for longer.