COLORBOND® steel Night Sky® Is At Its Best In Mt Eliza!

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In the Mornington Peninsula suburb of Mt Eliza COLORBOND® steel Night Sky® makes a statement.

This project features 38mm Snaplock metal cladding profiles fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers for our customers at Hood Roof Plumbing.

“The homeowner wanted a mid-century modern look. The brief was to match different building materials, being black metal and bluestone. A modernised older style look emerged with defining tones”, claims Brent Hood from Hood Roof Plumbing.

Snaplock is well suited to residential and commercial architectural developments.

A simple, ribbed appearance is achieved with no visible fixings and is suitable for both roof and wall cladding applications. Snaplock will define the look of your next project, with an enhanced aesthetic and sharp lines, due to our variety of rib heights available.

Architectural Cladding Suppliers are dedicated to achieving the highest quality in manufacturing and fabrication using state-of-the-art machinery and employing highly skilled technicians who have been working in the industry for decades.

We can manufacture and provide everything that is required to complete your project from our cladding profiles, to all the associated accessories and flashings via our sister company, PPC Flashings. As every architectural project is different, if you require custom advice, we can discuss your project specifications and will work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.