Cool White Nailstrip Metal Cladding Shows Off In Abbotsford

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This is where inspired design meets modern living.

Superbly installed by the CRB Plumbing team, the Nailstrip metal cladding finished with COLORBOND® steel – Matt Surfmist® catches your attention every time. Fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers to our client’s specifications to deliver a simply beautiful result.

COLORBOND® steel cladding profiles

According to Chris Bennett from CRB Plumbing, this project allowed the Nailstrip facade to shine.

The Nailstrip metal cladding profiles were easy to work with, complementing the KLIP-LOK cladding also used for this project. The design and installation came together seamlessly, working in with the builder – IDB Developments to deliver a modern aesthetic.

This was a real achievement by the team at CRB Plumbing and IDB Developments, and a project Architectural Cladding Suppliers were proud to supply and fabricate Nailstrip profiles to specification.

Available in 25 mm and 38mm panel heights, Nailstrip is suited for both residential and commercial buildings.

Custom pan widths are available to suit your individual design requirements, also allowing for a simple installation method with no specialist tools needed to complete the job.

If you require custom advice, the ACS team can discuss your project specifications and work with you to fabricate to your individual requirements.