The Power Of VMZINC® to create an architectural showpiece

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The power of VMZINC® gives you the confidence that the material you’ve chosen will perform today and for years to come. Architectural Cladding Suppliers are proud to be associated with VMZINC® – providing our clients the freedom to create architectural showpieces. The flexibility and versatility of zinc, combined with its elegance make it the perfect finish for residential projects – as shown below.

When VMZINC® is used with Standing Seam a striking aesthetic is delivered as shown below for a residential project in Doncaster, Melbourne – Victoria.

According to VMZINC® the following basic principles should be taken into account to make your next residential project a success:

  • Ventilation – ensures that the dew point does not occur on the underside of the zinc. The air gap located beneath the support allows the evacuation of humidity caused by internal condensation.
  • Compatibility – Certain products when placed in contact with zinc can have detrimental effects on the appearance and/or structural integrity of the zinc. Acidic products and products that can generate a galvanic reaction must not be used with zinc.
  • Expansion – Any work involving VMZINC® must allow it to expand and contract freely.
  • Maintenance – Ensure that the zinc is not handled in an area with great temperature variations. Temperature variations can cause condensation build-up, which in turn will cause zinc hydroxide (white rust) to form on the zinc. When handling the zinc always wear gloves and long sleeved shirt.