Standing Seam takes residential architecture to a new level in Parkville

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There’s nothing like the simplicity of combining modern and traditional building materials.

For this residential project in Parkville, the brief was made very clear for CML Plumbing to create a unique and uplifting architectural aesthetic. And this was more than delivered with the meticulous installation of 25mm Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel Monument – fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

Standing Seam 25mm panels are perfectly installed By CML Plumbing

Craig Lacey started CML Plumbing 18 months ago and has enjoyed both the challenges and opportunities thrown at him.

CML Plumbing is mainly involved in metal roofing and cladding installation for both residential and commercial applications.

According to Craig, “I loved working with Standing Seam on this build. Standing Seam provided a seamless look and worked so well in detailed areas, specifically around the windows and doors.

The project was managed by the builder MRU Construction and we worked really well together to deliver on the client’s vision. The combination of COLORBOND® steel Monument with the traditional red brick façade just worked”.

Standing Seam in Parkville
Combining modern and traditional together just works

The reassuring and inspiring use of 25mm Standing Seam provides for a stunning exterior, now admired by the locals in Parkville, Melbourne.

Discussing this project in detail with Craig, it’s very clear that CML Plumbing is proud of the end result. It’s also clear how fond Craig is of Standing Seam. “I love to work with Standing Seam because it can be manipulated, folded, and installed with ease” adds Craig.

“In the past two years, COLORBOND® steel is popping up everywhere and is more and more popular due to its performance, quality, and price. The high-end look builders and architects crave is delivered with COLORBOND® steel as the chosen finish” claims Craig.

Standing Seam wall
25mm Standing Seam metal cladding in COLORBOND® steel Monument®

“We partnered with Architectural Cladding Suppliers on this project and appreciated their technical support with both design and installation.”  

“Open communication made this project a success. ACS was easy to work with and is an extension of my team, as we work together to solve any challenges to ensure a great result for the client” concludes Craig.

Standing Seam impresses due to its striking and seamless installation. The concealed fixing method also answers the need for installers and builders seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to the façade of their building project. The profile also sits within ACS short standard lead times – normally one week or less. Available in 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm rib heights, Standing Seam provides installers with the confidence to deliver for their projects.

To learn more, contact the ACS project team. We look forward to supporting you on your next build.