Standing Seam emerges in Brighton!

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Hood Roof Plumbing delivers a showpiece installation of Standing Seam in Brighton, Melbourne.

Standing Seam metal cladding, fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers for Hood Roof Plumbing shines in the bayside suburb of Brighton. Known for its beautiful streets, proximity to the beach, and high-end homes, Brighton has now been gifted with this architectural wonder. The ACS team is super proud to be involved with this project, fabricating and supplying the Hood Roof Plumbing team.

Standing Seam metal cladding
Simply beautiful Standing Seam shines for Hood Roof Plumbing and Infinity Development Concepts
Standing Seam cladding
Standing Seam delivers a modern and sophisticated aesthetic

The Standing Seam panels finished in COLORBOND® steel – Matt Night Sky® delivered a beautiful architectural exterior for Hood Roof Plumbing.

Hood Roof Plumbing, run by Brent Hood, started operations in 2015. Brent has been involved in the industry for fifteen years, continually evolving his business to meet the growing demand for architectural cladding and roofing solutions.

Brent and his team are super proud of this project in Brighton, working with Infinity Development Concepts.

“We pride ourselves on delivering high-end metal cladding and roofing installations. And this project is a great example of our work. The 25mm Standing Seam panels from Architectural Cladding Suppliers create an architectural finish the owner-builder has fallen in love with. When matched with other materials such as concrete and glass – the contrast delivered is special”, says Brent from Hood Roof Plumbing.

metal cladding
Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel – Matt Night Sky® up close
colorbond Standing Seam metal cladding
25mm Standing Seam on show in Brighton, also available in 38mm and 50mm panel heights from Architectural Cladding Suppliers
metal cladding project
Known for its versatility our installers absolutely love Standing Seam

“The projects we undertake are high-end and unique in many ways. They offer our clients something to admire with the quality of the materials we use, such as Standing Seam made from COLORBOND® steel – Matt Night Sky®” adds Brent.

When we asked Brent what his favourite metal cladding products to work with were, he answered: “We love Standing Seam. It allows us to be creative and adapt our installation. It’s seamless and a simple design – perfectly suiting modern residential projects.”

When discussing upcoming trends in the industry, Brent mentions the popularity of materials such as COLORBOND® steel, especially in the Matt finish being available in both dark and light colours.

“The ACS team fabricated and supplied the Standing Seam metal cladding panels of the highest quality. It’s the technical support and open communication we receive from beginning to end which really helps us” concludes Brent from Hood Roof Plumbing.

Installer: Hood Roof Plumbing
Builder: Infinity Development Concepts
Material: COLORBOND® Steel
Finish: Matt – Night Sky®
System: Standing Seam
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

If you’re looking for a simply beautiful architectural aesthetic for your next project, look no further. Standing Seam available in 25 mm, 38mm, and 50mm panel heights, is suited for both residential and commercial projects.

Known for its versatility and simple aesthetic, our installers absolutely love this profile. The concealed fixing method of the panels answers the need of those seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to their building project.

Available in 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm panel heights and a range of different pan widths, Standing Seam is sure to excite architects, builders, and installers. Whether it’s used for cladding or roofing applications your project will be adored.

Adding the varying colours, material finishes, and dimensions available, Standing Seam panels can be fabricated and installed into tapered, flat, curved, concave, or convex shapes to perfectly suit the application. Design and architectural freedom are quickly realised with this metal cladding profile, from the architect to the builder and installer.

To learn more download our Standing Seam Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to deliver on your vision.