Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!

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The simple beauty of Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento, with this installation from Retro Roofing, fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

It’s all in the detail for this peaceful beachside haven in Sorrento. With a dark, subtle exterior that makes the most of Standing Seam metal cladding combining perfectly with other materials. This contrast in colour and texture catches your attention and is a noteworthy architectural feature to be admired by all, as shown below.

Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
Standing Seam installed by Retro Roofing

Standing Seam shines as the hero of the exterior to add something very special to this project.

According to Dale Lowe from Retro Roofing, Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument® delivered a simple and modern architectural finish for all parties involved. The builder Toby Bennetton Construction collaborated with Retro Roofing to ensure the metal cladding was perfectly suited to its surrounds.

Both parties were eager to bring this exterior to life and deliver a stunning result for the client. As seen below this installation of Standing Seam is simply beautiful.

Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
Standing Seam finished in COLORBOND® steel Matt Monument® on display in Sorrento
Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
A stunning installation by the Retro Roofing team
Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
Standing Seam fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers delivers in Sorrento

Retro Roofing started operations in 2006. Led by Dale Lowe with over 40 years of industry experience in metal roofing and cladding installations.

Dale claims this particular project required careful planning with both the builder, Toby Bennetton, and the ACS team to ensure the 25mm Standing Seam was installed perfectly.

“The Standing Seam metal cladding panels fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers were easy to work with. We love installing this profile due to its adaptability and versatility. It lends itself really well to folds around windows and you can combine it seamlessly with surrounding materials like timber and concrete” adds Dale.

This was a stunning installation by Retro Roofing and a beachside residential project the ACS team was proud to supply and fabricate.

Installer: Retro Roofing
Builder: Toby Bennetton Construction
Material: COLORBOND® Steel
Finish: Matt Monument®
System: Standing Seam
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
Always beautiful – Standing Seam combines perfectly with other materials
Standing Seam delivers in Sorrento!
The beauty of Standing Seam is in the detail – fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers and installed by Retro Roofing

When we asked Dale about any trends he and the team saw emerging in the cladding industry he quickly replied, “80% of our work involves Standing Seam, and the popular finish by far is COLORBOND® steel Matt – especially in the dark colours, like Monument®… It has taken off in the Peninsula and is in high demand.”

“We rely on the ACS team and their support is greatly valued. Their high-quality cladding products, on-time delivery, and open communication are all part of the value they provide” Dale adds.

Standing Seam is one of the most versatile cladding systems available and can be installed across numerous applications, from roofing to façades, soffits, and even on internal walls as an architectural feature finish. A choice of 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm Standing Seam rib heights aims to give our installers the creative freedom they deserve.

The installation of Standing Seam requires the protruding seams of two panels to overlap each other. Each panel is secured with concealed clips and then mechanically crimped together with the use of specialised tools. The concealed fixing method of the panel system answers the need of those seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to their building project.

To learn more download our Standing Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to realise your vision.