Even Deeper Shadow Lines With 50mm Standing Seam Metal Cladding

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Standing Seam Metal Cladding

50mm Standing Seam Metal Cladding is unique to the Australian market. Architectural Cladding Suppliers is the first metal cladding manufacturing company with the ability to roll form this cladding profile.

Standing Seam is one of the most popular metal cladding profiles around… This profile can achieve a high-end architectural look with seamless wall to roof installation. Now with the larger rib height of 50mm, our new Standing Seam profile is the one to look out for. The ACS project team really think it will bring something very different to any project with its deeper aesthetic, producing magnificent shadow lines.

Captivating and mesmerising is the only way to describe 50mm Standing Seam. This new metal cladding profile will be in high demand by architects, builders, and installers seeking to achieve a detailed architectural point of difference.

Key Benefits of 50mm Standing Seam:

  • Installation with a minimal roof pitch due to its rib height.
  • Strength and stability is provided with the higher rib – allowing for wider spans on the substrate, this means less labour with significant cost efficiencies.
  • With clip relief – this may help to assist in reducing oil-canning by stiffening the pan.
  • Due to the height of the seam a linear break along the overside of the rib has been developed – this will help eliminate waving and provide a very different aesthetic.
  • Involves the same installation method as 25mm / 38mm standing seam – providing simplicity for all installers.
  • Can be used for both roofing and walling applications.
  • Panels can be roll formed in both tapered and random widths.
  • Comes with concealed clips and fasteners.
Standing Seam Metal Cladding production
50mm Standing Seam being roll formed by the ACS team

50mm Standing Seam can achieve seamless wall to roof installation, with hidden gutters, and be used to clad walls horizontally or vertically.

Each 50mm Standing Seam panel is secured with concealed clips and then mechanically crimped together with the use of specialised tools. These clips can be applied to almost any industry approved substructure.

The concealed fixing method also answers the need for installers and builders seeking a clean look and luxurious finish to the façade of their building project. The profile also sits within our short standard lead times – normally one week or less. And samples are available upon request.

Standing Seam Metal Cladding fabrication
50mm Standing Seam fabricated by the ACS team

50mm Standing Seam also offers extensive material flexibility and is currently available in:

  • COLORBOND® steel
  • GALVABOND® steel
  • ZINCALUME® steel
  • Aurubis Copper
  • KME Copper
  • elZinc
  • Colorcote
  • Unicote Lux
  • VMZinc


25mm, 38mm and 50mm Standing Seam

Standing Seam Metal Cladding profile

Available in 25mm, 38mm and 50mm panel heights – Architectural Cladding Suppliers offers a diverse range of Standing Seam metal cladding profiles. All panel lengths are available from a minimum 500mm, with 80mm – 530mm pan widths from rib to rib – dependant on material selection. Contact the ACS project team to confirm your material’s capability and recommended pan widths for minimal wastage.

Speak with the ACS project team to learn more about our Standing Seam metal cladding profiles, finishes, performance, installation process, request for samples, technical information, price, and any general metal cladding questions you may have.