Cricket Victoria Project – Junction Oval St Kilda

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Construction on Junction Oval’s Main Building for Cricket Victoria has reached the next level with Architectural Cladding Suppliers and our sister company Professional Plumbing Contractors having manufactured, supplied and installed metal cladding, metal walling and metal roofing materials.

The design of the facility allows players to move easily on the one level from cricket practice on the ground and practice wickets into the change, aquatic recovery, gym and physiotherapy areas. From the entrance to the building, visitors will be able to progress through the town square up the recently installed internal stair to level two where the four adjoining multipurpose meeting spaces are located. Level 2 will also house Cricket Victoria’s Boardroom, a Big Bash League team administration area and the on-site dormitory. The dormitory will enable community clubs to visit the home of cricket in Victoria and immerse themselves in a high performance training environment.

Cricket Victoria Project – Junction Oval St Kilda

Cricket Victoria Project – Junction Oval St Kilda

Cladding material: Interlocking Cladding using BlueScope weathering steel CW300-G, COLORBOND® steel and Painted Aluminium 

The BlueScope weathering steel provided a “stand-out” aesthetic for this project. Widely recognised for its distinctive “patina” which results from protective surface oxidation and develops during exposure to the atmosphere. The patina is actually a complex protective oxide layer that forms on the steel’s surface.  It is this oxide layer that gives the steel its distinctive appearance as well as contributing to this material’s enhanced weather resistance capabilities compared to standard steels. The chemical composition promotes the early formation of an adhering protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements. Aesthetically pleasing for all types of commercial and residential projects, this finish has become popular with many high profile architects and has been specified and used in a variety of applications in including building fascias, architectural sculptures and bridges.

Works are continuing to the internal areas of the Blackie Ironmonger heritage stand. These works will result in renovating change rooms for the St Kilda Cricket Club and community clubs. Further upgrades are also planned to the external areas of the grandstand.

Both Architectural Cladding Suppliers and Professional Plumbing Contractors have been proud to be associated with this amazing project for Cricket Victoria (source: Cricket Victoria website)