Colour is taken to the next level on The Block 2021!

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Colour and design consultant
Design tips from our COLORBOND® steel Colour and Design Consultant, Ali Fenton who features on this season of The Block. (Image Credit:

Great advice was recently provided from COLORBOND® steel’s Colour and Design Consultant, Ali Fenton.

Talking on The Block 2021 series about using your home’s surroundings and environment to help guide your exterior colour choices. Ali Fenton mentions the importance of creating a sense of flow from the outside, in – with your residential projects.

The ACS team encourages our clients, from installers, builders to architects and homeowners to think about the selection and combination of colours, material finishes, and textures when it comes to exterior metal cladding and roofing.

Colour is taken to the next level on The Block 2021 series (Video Credit:

When considering your design concept Ali Fenton recommends reviewing your surroundings and external environment. Including your own personal style in the project is also a key factor and important to creating a deeper connection with the overall architectural design.

“The exciting part is that this year on The Block we see all of these elements come into play,” says Ali.

Ali has these tips for anyone considering a design update to their home: 

  • “Review your location and the styles in your neighbourhood” – look for any unique elements in the area that could be used as inspiration and colour choice.
  • “Exterior design is all about bringing the outside in” – attempting to remove boundaries. Combining both environments with use of colour will help create a memorable flow, connecting the external to internal design.
  • “Unite your interior and exterior palette” – with the use of textures, material finsihes, colours and patterns a creative freedom will take over to provide a simply beautiful aesthetic.
  • “If considering COLORBOND® steel wall cladding for your exterior, think about how you can use the lines to your advantage” – looking at the different metal cladding profiles available from Snaplock, Standing Seam, Nailstrip to Interlocking, Flatlock and Shingles; a unique approach can be taken with your exterior facade.
  • “Think about what you identify with” – creating an emotional and personal connection with colour, material finish, and texture will deliver an attachment to the overall design to be enjoyed for years to come.

The ACS team loves these design tips. The selection of colours for both the exterior and interior will help create that connection to the outdoors. A seamless flow and a sense of continuity will be established for all to enjoy.

We highly recommend samples are used to compare colours, finishes, textures, and metal cladding profile types.

This will allow you to step away and consult all stakeholders involved in the project. It will also give you time to reflect and have a play with different design elements.

Colours in architecture can play an influential role. When considered carefully they will enrich the material finish, texture and metal cladding profile selected. Making the most of natural light and the surrounding environment is a key factor to ultimately deliver on the vision for your next project.

The combination of metal cladding, timber, brick or render, stone, and aged metal features are sure to impress this year. We are working hard with the LCS Plumbing team to deliver something truly special for The Block 2021.

Stay tuned more to come!

Source: – The Block 2021 series

Note: The design tips (above) from Ali Fenton were published by the COLORBOND® steel team and have been referenced by ACS for this news story.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to realise your vision.