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Architectural Cladding Suppliers Project
Perfection is found with COLORBOND® steel Night Sky​®, the ultimate cladding material. Neutral, sophisticated and strong, COLORBOND® steel Night Sky​® is ideal for emphasising strong lines and sharp reliefs on both contemporary and traditional homes. As a defining tone, Night Sky​® is the perfect contrast against other building materials and colours. When combined with Interlocking Panels […]

Perfection is found with COLORBOND® steel Night Sky®

Architectural Cladding Suppliers Project
COLORBOND® steel Matt makes a subtle statement using our Nailstrip Metal Cladding for this residential project in Richmond, Melbourne. This exceptional installation was completed by Braith Plumbing. Nailstrip Metal Cladding in COLORBOND® steel Matt was provided to create a memorable finish with the added benefit of durability – to withstand harsh weather conditions. […]

COLORBOND® steel​ Matt makes a subtle statement for this residential ...

Architectural Cladding Suppliers Shingles
Special Metal Shingle Cladding finished in COLORBOND® steel -Whitehaven® provides a new level of prestige for this residential project in Melbourne. A creative installation by the team at @claddingprojects allowed the shingle cladding to showcase this amazing build! The key benefits of the Shingle Metal Cladding comprise: Minimal maintenance – compared to alternative cladding […]

Making an Impression with Special Metal Shingle Cladding 

Architectural Cladding Suppliers cladding
Interlocking Metal Cladding is the perfect choice for Architects and Designers – providing multiple design possibilities. Interlocking Metal Cladding can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally for all types of applications – residential and commercial. Manufactured in various widths and shadow gap combinations, the installation is straight forward, one panel interlocking into […]

Interlocking Metal Cladding is the perfect choice for Architects