Brass Interlocking Metal Cladding Panels Never Looked So Good!

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How impressive are these brass Interlocking Cladding Panels?

Dight Street was a special project for our installers Zinc Cladding Australia, architect Fieldwork and Builder Atelier Projects. Our brief was to fabricate for Zinc Cladding Australia using Brass Interlocking Panels finished with a combination of 205mm and 305mm wide panels – supplied by Craft Metals.

metal cladding panels

United by a common sense of discovery and innovation, Dight Street was a successful collaboration with architect, builder, installer, and fabricator. A thoughtful approach to design emerged, creating 12 progressive apartments with a design underpinned by a considered response to inner-city living, enriched by the influence of Brass, as the chosen material used for the top floor facade of the building.

Considered a luxury metal, Brass has a bright gold appearance and over time will weather to transform into a bronze/green, bronze/black colour depending on the elements.

Brass is often specified for feature cladding, custom architectural accents or as an interior design focal point.

Known for its impressively long lifespan, Brass was identified as the material of choice for this very special project. A very simple palate of rough white render, brass, cork, and terrazzo stone was applied to the exterior – giving the overall form of the building a refined and pared-back appearance.

cladding panels

The Interlocking panel system is lightweight and can be installed diagonally, vertically or horizontally. This provides Architects and Designers multiple design possibilities. The finished product is visually striking, as shown here with Brass Interlocking cladding panels.

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