BlueScope Story: “Leading Cladding Supplier Rolls Out The Welcome Matt”

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A recent story was published by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies about Architectural Cladding Suppliers and the recent project we undertook for the St Kilda Football Club – using COLORBOND® steel Matt. The full article is provided below…

After just two years in operation and with the support of BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, Melbourne-based cladding manufacturer and installer Architectural Cladding Suppliers is now supplying many leading projects and is also enjoying tremendous success with the extensive cladding options they offer in the very welcome and popular COLORBOND® steel Matt finish.

Architectural Cladding Suppliers (ACS) has grown in leaps and bounds since they first began manufacturing architectural cladding in May 2016 to serve the needs of both PPC and the market. The privately owned business, based in Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s South East, has recently moved into new purpose-built premises and acquired more equipment to meet the demand for the quality cladding products they manufacture using products from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, and is now operating 24/7 to do so.

Moorabbin-St Kilda FC-Architectural Cladding Suppliers

“We’ve got a lot of feature projects and referrals, so we’re creating good rapport with our customers and getting a lot of repeat work from cladding specialists,” ACS’ Owner Daniel Bowman explained. “We now have three rollforming machines and one curving unit, plus a range of cassettes which we’ve just expanded so we’ll essentially be able to produce everything everyone else does in the specialist cladding segment – and more.

One key feature Daniel says his customers are increasingly requiring is the striking good looks provided by the new COLORBOND® steel Matt finish. Using an innovative paint technology designed to diffuse light reflection for a softer appearance and true matt finish, COLORBOND® steel Matt is available in a range of contemporary colours and is in high demand across residential and commercial projects alike.

Moorabbin-St Kilda FC-Architectural Cladding Suppliers

“COLORBOND® steel Matt really took off with a bang and is incredibly popular,” Daniel said. “We’re doing a huge amount of work in COLORBOND® steel Matt, particularly in the COLORBOND® steel colour Monument® as that’s the eye catcher that everyone wants. We used that particular product on a recent install for St Kilda Football Club’s Moorabbin Park Redevelopment, producing a lot of COLORBOND® steel Matt in the Nailstrip and Interlocking Panel profiles which came up really well and made the client very happy.”

“I’d say a large portion of our cladding orders at the minute are for COLORBOND® steel Matt, including quite a lot of cladding in the COLORBOND® steel colour Surfmist®. Aesthetically, COLORBOND® steel Matt just provides that ‘wow’ factor with its great looks and colour range. In a lot of instances where customers are looking at a Standing Seam type product, we’ve provided a sample wall option in COLORBOND® steel Matt and nine times out of ten, the customer has walked away from a lot of other high end products because aesthetically they’re so pleased with the result,” Daniel stated.

Moorabbin-St Kilda FC-Architectural Cladding Suppliers

Architectural Cladding Suppliers are also pleased with the support that BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies provides. “They’ve always been great. We have no issues with lead times, their turnaround time with all our enquiries is spot on, and their product quality is exceptional; even with the amount of material that we put through, defects are next to none, and that’s important as well,” Daniel explained.

“And it is a real collaboration. Given we are heavily on the install side of things, many of the questions we get from the high end commercial sector haven’t generally been asked before; BlueScope work closely with us to come up with solutions and support for what we propose onsite, which has been excellent from our perspective,” Daniel concluded.

Having worked with PPC since 2014, and now with ACS since 2016, Peter Tamvakis, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies Sales Manager, is proud to know BlueScope’s service and quality products are supporting these successful Australian business endeavours. “It’s wonderful to see Australian manufacturers such as ACS thriving with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ service, support and products, particularly innovative products such as COLORBOND® steel Matt,” Peter said.

“As with all our customers, we strive to go above and beyond in all we do and we look forward to working with Daniel and his team to provide the best solutions for ACS’ customers in the years ahead.”