An architectural wonder appears on St Kilda Road Melbourne!

Superbly planned and designed by D-Arc Architects combined with the talent of the builder Plan Group Australia and the team at Specialized Roofing and Cladding who executed a remarkable installation of Standing Seam. The ACS project team were also delighted to take part in supporting all parties to help deliver an unforgettable façade for this project.

Standing Seam finished in Rheinzink® – Graphite Grey allows this architectural masterpiece to stand out. According to Eddie Jackman from Specialized Roofing and Cladding, this project presented a number of challenges: Firstly securing the material. The team at ACS were able to source a coil with a quick turnaround as timing was critical. Secondly when cladding large scale facades it is imperative that the panel widths are fabricated accurately to ensure consistent sized panels throughout. For example: over 20 panels, if the widths are 2mm out, the last panel may need to be 40+/-mm which is not ideal when looking for a uniform finish. ACS were able to deliver a precise product, which is reflected in the end result. The Single Lock Standing Seam System, with expansion seams running the length of the wall in a brickwork pattern were both necessary and aesthetically pleasing. This installation compliments the original intricate details of Charsfield Mansion.

Available in 25 mm, 38mm and 50mm rib heights, Standing Seam is suited for both residential and commercial building projects. One of the most versatile metal cladding systems available, Standing Seam can be installed for both roofing and facade type applications, lending itself to flat, curved, concave, convex and domed applications.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable, sophisticated architectural finish with minimal maintenance, Standing Seam is the metal cladding profile of choice. Contact the ACS project team to learn more about our metal cladding and roofing solutions.

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