Coastal charm with Snaplock UniCote® Basal Matt

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Snaplock makes a lasting impression for this special project in St Andrews Beach. Installed to absolute perfection by the LCS Plumbing and Cladding team, this residence exudes coastal elegance and class.

St Andrews Beach is known for its fresh air, sea breezes, and relaxed coastal setting. With the collaboration of LCS Plumbing and Cladding and Voller Builders, a remarkable creation has come to life that will captivate everyone’s attention. Fabricated by Architectural Cladding Suppliers, Snaplock finished with UniCote® – Basal Matt creates a modern and relaxed feel to the exterior of this residence, as pictured below.

Snaplock makes an impression in St Andrews Beach – fabricated by the ACS team
Snaplock installed to absolute perfection by LCS Plumbing and Cladding

The LCS Plumbing and Cladding team is known for its craftsmanship and high-quality metal cladding and roofing installations.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Les Clarke Junior runs LCS Plumbing and Cladding. Les and the team take great pride in delivering quality metal cladding and roofing solutions for their clients involved in both residential and commercial projects. Experienced roof plumbers and metal cladding installers, this team is known for their attention to the finest detail and stunning finishes.

The Snaplock panels finished in UniCote® – Basal Matt provided an immaculate finish for this coastal residence.

Located in a stunning area of St Andrews Beach, Snaplock adds a contemporary architectural flair to this project. This exceptional installation was completed by LCS Plumbing and Cladding in collaboration with the builder, Voller Builders.

The ACS team was proud to supply and fabricate Snaplock to specification for this unique residential project. “The ACS team works closely with us on all our projects,” says Les. “Your suppliers are part of your team. We rely heavily on ACS for their expertise, fabrication, technical support, and on-time delivery.”

Snaplock UniCote® – Basal Matt blends in beautifully with the surrounding landscape

Snaplock finished in UniCote® – Basal Matt is simply beautiful in every way.

According to Les, “The finished result speaks for itself. The Snaplock looks absolutely amazing. We were all thrilled with the outcome of this project.”

The Snaplock panels deliver a modern architectural finish with a relaxed coastal feel. Combining the world’s best coil coating technology with rigorous Australian standards testing, UniCote® provides superior performance and stunning aesthetics that go beyond most building materials.

Providing a durable, long-lasting, and bespoke architectural finish, UniCote® combined with Snaplock more than delivers for all parties involved.

Installer: LCS Plumbing and Cladding
Builder: Voller Builders     
Material: UniCote®
Finish: Basal Matt
System: Snaplock
Fabrication: Architectural Cladding Suppliers

UniCote® provides superior performance and stunning aesthetics
Absolutely stunning in every way – Snaplock shines at St Andrews Beach

Going forward, the LCS Plumbing and Cladding team continues to grow. “We have a strong relationship with the ACS team. They always go the extra mile to help us with our projects.”

If you’re looking for a modern architectural finish for your next project, look no further. Snaplock is available in 25 mm, 38mm, and 44mm panel heights, and is suited for both residential and commercial applications.

When a modern architectural finish is in high demand, Snaplock is a metal cladding profile that delivers. Known for its quick and cost-effective installation, our installers love this profile. Held in position using a clip enabling the panel to expand and contract, Snaplock allows a more diverse range of materials to be utilised and is perfect for use in extreme weather landscapes.

Whether it’s used for cladding or roofing applications your project will look amazing with Snaplock. Adding the varying colours, material finishes, and dimensions available, Snaplock provides architects, builders, and installers the freedom to deliver on their clients’ vision.

To learn more download our Snaplock Data Sheet below.

As every architectural project is different if you require custom advice the ACS team looks forward to working with you to deliver on your vision.