Non-Combustible Metal Cladding And Roofing Solutions

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The Melbourne Lacrosse fire in 2014 has reawakened the architectural and industries to the dangers of using non-compliant cladding materials.

Experts are likening the problem of replacing flammable aluminium cladding to the asbestos issue uncovered decades ago.

Recently, the Victorian Government announced a plan to fix hundreds of private buildings considered to be at the “highest” risk of fire. The state-wide audit will continue to be rolled out the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) with their newly established speciality division – Cladding safety Victoria.

Buildings that have been found to be clad with materials that do not comply with Australian building code requirements will go through the expensive process of being re-skinned. The Victorian Government will commence with 15 projects, and then other buildings within Cladding Safety Victoria’s scope will be prioritised based on risk, ensuring the highest-risk buildings are rectified first.

If you are designing or building, how do you know which cladding is safe to specify or use?

While cladding options on building have expanded greatly and there are now various types and brands available, there are generally two types of cladding that are deemed “combustible”. These comprise:

  1. Aluminium composite panels (ACP)
  2. Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

These products could potentially pose a risk for a building and its occupants. The safest course of action is to choose cladding materials that have been tested to Australian Standards. This test determines ignitability, heat and smoke release, and ensures that the spread of fire will be minimised.

At Architectural Cladding Suppliers, our range of metal cladding products are manufactured using materials that are non-combustible and meet the Australian Standards AS1530.1/AS1530.3.

When you choose Architectural Cladding Suppliers you will receive high quality, non-combustible cladding and roofing products, including metal roofing shingles providing you with peace of mind, reliability and the aesthetic you can be proud of. For any further information on our profiles, please contact ACS to discuss your project specifications.

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