Interlocking Metal Cladding

Interlocking Metal Cladding is the most popular application for traditional metals such as copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel or pre-coated aluminium.

An elegant profile with fresh and simple design elements. Interlocking is often used for both residential and commercial projects due to its simplicity and smooth appearance.

Panels can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can be manufactured in various widths / shadow gap combinations. The reveal panel is also highly effective for use as soffit system. 

Suitable for walling and cladding only, Interlocking panel dimensions and flexible joins, offer an opportunity to design individual and combination wall solutions.

The Interlocking Metal Cladding system is lightweight and can be installed diagonally, vertically or horizontally. This provides Architects and Designers multiple design possibilities.

The system does not require a support decking; it can be laid directly onto a secondary sub-structure in the form of top hat battens or timber studs to form a cross section of rails.

Extensive material suitability. Interlocking can be folded in Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Zinc and Weathering Steel.

The finished product is visually striking and is often used as a feature facade for its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance requirements.



Architectural Cladding Suppliers Project Image
Pictured here in COLORBOND® steel – Surfmist® Interlocking Metal Cladding delivered a fresh and eye catching residential space for our client.

Interlocking – Standard Rib Height:

Available in 25 mm panel height, Interlocking Metal Cladding Panels can be laid horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The streamline low height of the 25mm panel contributes to its architectural design and offers you the flexibility when working on more complex designs and structures. 

General Requirements

•  Allow top hats to be fixed at max. 900mm centre.
•  Top hats, galvanised 1.15mm x 35mm fixed at max 500mm centre in opposite direction to direction of panels.
•  Fully breathable waterproofed membrane.
•  Fix interlocking panels to top hats at max. 500mm centre and max 100mm from end of panel.

Interlocking Profile

interlocking cladding drawing   Google Search - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Interlocking Profile – Not To Scale

•  Minimal maintenance compared to other cladding materials, such as brick and timber.

•  Provides a smooth, clean finish, with no visible fixings.

•  Suitable for commercial and residential applications.

•  Smooth and Simple architectural appearance with no visible fixings



Our Products – Metal Cladding Profiles

Standing Seam ACS 1 - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Standing Seam is one of our most popular metal cladding and roofing profiles. Best known for its seamless design and beautiful aesthetic.
Metal Weatherboards ACS - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Metal Weatherboards are an attractive and durable building option. Lightweight, termite proof and increased fire resistance. Won’t crack, peel or go brittle.
Snaplock ACS - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Snaplock is an evolution of the traditional hard metal roofing system. Reduces on-site time and associated processes thanks to quick installation.
Shingles ACS - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Shingles provide for an exceptional finish. Each panel is folded into interconnecting tile shapes, creating a beautiful pattern for your next build.

Interlocking ACS - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Interlocking Panels can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can be manufactured in various widths / sizes..

Nailstrip ACS - Interlocking Metal Cladding
Nailstrip facilitates easy installation, making this metal profile a popular choice for residential, agricultural and commercial projects.