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Lake Wendouree Total Comfort Plumbing 2 - Making an impression in Lake Wendouree
When COLORBOND® steel Matt is matched with Standing Seam Metal Cladding a long lasting impression is made. Fabricating for Total Comfort Plumbing an exceptional installation was completed to showcase this property in Lake Wendouree, Victoria. This contemporary finish using the 25mm rib height Standing Seam panel offered a sophisticated twist, […]

Making an impression in Lake Wendouree

Barkly St Bendigo Design Cladding Systems 4a - Interlocking Metal Cladding shines for this residential showpiece
Interlocking Metal Cladding combined with COLORBOND® steel – Surfmist® delivers an impressive facade for this residential project. Surfmist® embodies qualities of freshness, purity timelessness and independency. Shown here with 25mm Interlocking panels – installed by Design Cladding Systems. The Interlocking Metal Cladding system is lightweight and can be installed diagonally, vertically […]

Interlocking Metal Cladding shines for this residential showpiece

Architectural Cladding Suppliers
COLORBOND® Metallic steel shine through with this residential project recently completed in Melbourne. Installation was completed by the team at Braith Plumbing The COLORBOND® Metallic steel range introduces six colours and an innovative paint technology that boosts its signature lustre effect. A simple play of light is all that’s needed […]

COLORBOND® Metallic steel shines through

Metal Cladding Architectural Cladding Suppliers
Falling in love with COLORBOND® steel Matt for this residential project in Melbourne. Manufactured in various widths and shadow gap combinations, Interlocking metal cladding is featured – installed by the team at CRV – Cladding Roofing Victoria. COLORBOND® steel’s new Matt finish offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing you […]

Falling in love with COLORBOND® steel Matt

Architectural Cladding Suppliers Project
Perfection is found with COLORBOND® steel Night Sky​®, the ultimate cladding material. Neutral, sophisticated and strong, COLORBOND® steel Night Sky​® is ideal for emphasising strong lines and sharp reliefs on both contemporary and traditional homes. As a defining tone, Night Sky​® is the perfect contrast against other building materials and colours. When combined with Interlocking Panels […]

Perfection is found with COLORBOND® steel Night Sky®

Architectural Cladding Suppliers Project
COLORBOND® steel Matt makes a subtle statement using our Nailstrip Metal Cladding for this residential project in Richmond, Melbourne. This exceptional installation was completed by Braith Plumbing. Nailstrip Metal Cladding in COLORBOND® steel Matt was provided to create a memorable finish with the added benefit of durability – to withstand harsh weather conditions. […]

COLORBOND® steel​ Matt makes a subtle statement for this residential ...